About Us

Artisan Property Solutions LLC is a proud member of the Greater Houston Builder’s Association (GHBA) and abides by the standards and practices set forth by this organization. We are also privileged to sit on the Houston Remodeler’s Council as well as the Custom Builder’s Council of Houston. Our Company, located in League City, Texas, just a few miles south of Houston, formed in January 2018. We are a young company with generations of experience honoring old world ideals regarding craftsmanship and community. As a small business, individualized attention to each of our clients is not only common practice but a cornerstone in our philosophy. To us, all our projects are unique, which means we build a special bond with every client, based on his or her needs or desires. The capability to either “Lead the way”, “Meet half way” or “Follow your lead” has proven a successful part of our culture. We’re flexible. We truly strive to achieve a superior experience for you and a home remodeling project far beyond your expectations.

We offer a wide range of Services in the residential remodeling and building industries. We also provide maintenance and repairs for homeowners and Realtors/Investors alike. We are an all- inclusive renovation contractor which also specializes in Kitchens and Baths.


Company Owner, Michelle Blinn from Boston, Massachusetts, educated in Business Administration and Management as well as personnel supervision and development, possesses decades of experience in the corporate and executive worlds. With a history focused in education, insurance, medical research and the construction industries, she is qualified to navigate the rigorous demands in the business spectrum and provides viable solutions benefiting her clients and employees collectively. Having an energetic entrepreneurial spirit comes second only to her desire to serve and compassion for the people she encounters.

Robert Peterson, lead carpenter, from Orange County, California, has a technical education which stretches back to 1973 when his father1 placed his first paint brush in his hand and instructed him to Redwood stain a fence. He was five years old. By the time he was sixteen, he had acquired impressive skills in excavation, concrete foundation, house framing, roofing, finish carpentry and paint. By the age of seventeen he was painting professionally and eighteen joined the Lathe and Plasterers Union in Los Angeles, California, as a Drywall Apprentice. Under the strict training of his mentor, at Dave Cote Drywall, he had mastered the arts of drywall finishing and residential paint by the age of twenty-three. Continuing his education, custom home building and finishing became his routine for many years. Rob continued his education in Business and Marketing and was also trained by the IBEW in electrical and holds licensing and certifications from the IICRC and the EPA. He also received multiple years of Gold Star Awards for Excellence in his field. Now proficient in many trades, he confidently performs in all facets of residential remodeling and construction.

Rob Peterson became a Paint Contractor in 1994 and a General Contractor in 2002 and since has completed over 7,000 projects in these capacities and still maintains a strong presence in the Houston market. His responsibility at Artisan Property Solutions LLC is about the details, to oversee each project from conception to completion and to assure 100% quality in the craft and 100% client satisfaction. He is also extremely passionate about the training and apprenticing of the people he works with. Offering Artisan clients an engrained love of the trades and a deep appreciation of the finish product is his way.